• Budgeteer

    Budgeteer is an open-source Electron App made for personal budgeting. It is currently in development, with a range of features planned, such as a feature-rich CSV import, reports/statistics and double-entry bookkeeping.

    • electron
    • vuejs
    • nodejs

  • Hacker News for VSCode

    Hacker News for VSCode is an extension for Visual Studio Code that allows users to browse Hacker News in a tree widget.

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    • typescript
    • vscode

  • Owl

    Owl is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox which allows users to bring their KeePass 2.x database to the browser. It includes popular features such as auto complete and cloud provider integration.

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    • chrome
    • firefox
    • vuejs
    • js

  • Space Engineers Calculator

    A quick side project made in VueJS, this website is made for the game Space Engineers. It shows detailed production statistics, such as resources needed for ore and/or material production. Planned features include Resource Management, which shows the most efficient way to produce certain resources.

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    • typescript
    • vuejs